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First Communion shoes in white to match your communion dress.  All our first holy communion shoes are white, most are in satin and all will match any white communion dress.  

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When buying first communion shoes, consider the following:

1. Slip on shoes do not suit every type of foot.  If your child has unusually shaped feet, inturned ankles or high arches, then we recommend a shoe with a strap on it.  A shoe with a strap may be more practical in any case so that the child doesn't have to worry about the shoe falling off at a critical moment.

2. Only buy the shoes after you have bought the dress and close to the communion date as children's feet can grow in unpredictable bursts although do bear in mind that First Holy Communion is seasonal and the shoes will be sold out by April or May.

3. Consider heel height.  An inch on the heel can make a difference to the length of the dress and can be useful if the dress is a fraction too long. 

4.The more unusual sizes, especially sizes under 13 and above 3, tend to sell out first.

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